New Camino route officially opened: About a hundred pilgrims walked the Camino Šibenik in 6 days

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Camina tradition it dates back to the 9th century, and today the Camino network stretches throughout Europe. Croatia, on the other hand, has a very rich history of the Camino, from local fraternities that operated as early as 1203, pilgrim robes made in this area, to special privileges granted to pilgrims who walked in the Middle Ages. from Croatia to Santiago de Compostela and back.

Croats have been known as pilgrims in Europe since ancient times - even Dante Alighieri in his Divine Comedy mentions the character of a Croatian pilgrim, and Croats were among the first Camino to the pilgrims.

A group of Croatian Camino enthusiasts gathered in the Brotherhood of Saint James decided to restore this one rich Croatian Camino tradition so a project was launched to restore the medieval Camino routes through Croatia.

They are right now in Croatia active Camino KrkCamino Imota i Camino Podravina, and it has been announced since autumn Camino southern Istria and it is in the plan Camino Banovina. Reportedly, several more Camino routes are being seriously discussed in Croatia, so the story about Camino trails in Croatia is becoming more and more interesting. Camino Sibenik is the newly restored Camino route that was officially opened by the pilgrimage Camino Sibenik week from October 18 to 23.

Pilgrims from Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and Bosnia and Herzegovina

During the Camino Šibenik week, about 100 pilgrims from all over Croatia, as well as Slovenia, Italy and Bosnia and Herzegovina, walked the new section of the Croatian and European network roads of St. Jacob. - The youngest pilgrim, only 9 years old, came with her grandfather, so she was delighted when she discovered the company of several peers who led the column with great energy and joy most of the time. The oldest, who turned 83, invited everyone to this pilgrimage, for which age is no obstacle. This event renewed a tradition dating back to 1203, when the first Croatian pilgrims on the Camino were recorded., according to the organizers.

The opening of the Camino Šibenik trail began on Tuesday at Marini holy mass in St. Jacob's Church and an exhibition of photographs by Ivica Bota in the Civitas Sacra gallery in Šibenik. On the first day, the pilgrims set off through olive groves and beaches towards Rogozniki after which they could enjoy the beautiful panoramas of Rogoznica and Primošten on the way to Our Lady of Loreto.

Due to the demanding terrain to Vrpolje, Thursday was the hardest part of the route for the pilgrims, with a surprisingly sunny day. On Friday they arrived before Cathedral of St. Jakov in Šibenawhere they were presented with the rich heritage of veneration of St. Jakov in Šibenik.

On Saturday, a team from Zagreb joined the pilgrimage, and all of them were sent off with a blessing by the pastor of the cathedral, Don Krešimir Mateša. In the Our Lady's sanctuary on Okit hill, Tea and Marko Juričev enchanted the pilgrims with a guided tour "Miracle on Okit", before arriving in Vodice.

The solemn Sunday Holy Mass for the pilgrims was led by the Bishop of Sibenik, Msgr. Tomislav Rogić, confirming once again the exceptionally warm welcome to the pilgrims by the faithful and priests of the Sibenik diocese.

Arriving in Pyrovac a group of pilgrims officially opened it Camino Sibenik as a new part of the Croatian Camino road network, which was walked by over 1.200 people last year. Camino Šibenik was created as a result of cooperation between the Šibenik Tourist Board and the Brotherhood of St. Jakov with the support of the Diocese of Sibenik as well as the Tourist Boards of Marina, Rogoznica, Primošten and Vodice. Brotherhood of St. Jakova is the official Croatian representative in the central Camino institution - the Confraternity of St. Jacob in Santiago de Compostela.

Source and photo: TZ Šibenik


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