The other side of Vinkovci

It is said that the ancient Romans used to say that in their empire they had a river that flows to one side in the morning and to the other in the afternoon. They were thinking of the Bosut, which sometimes flows so calmly that even the slightest breath of wind moves the water in one direction or another. Some will say that the metropolis of Šokadija - Vinkovci, which stretches along this indecisive Bosut - also moves a little forward, a little backward. They are little in ancient history, proud of 'their' Romans, little in the busy everyday life of modern life. Tambourines are ringing a little in the city, rock is a little dusty.

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Vinkovci - the city of rock

In some knowledgeable circles, you can often hear that Vinkovci is the city of rock. At the end of the seventies of the last century, an authentic garage scene was formed in the city. She gave birth to new groups, among others Burgi, The funeral of X i The Horror. And a few years later, in the spring of 1984, Goran Bare and Nedjeljko Ivković - Kilmister founded the legendary Mothers. After that, rock spread through the city at an unimaginable speed and the number of recognizable Vinkovac rock groups grew. From Satan of Pannonia, across Paba, Chaotic souls. Irreparable, To Corrupted Imaginations which was the backbone of Coyote.

Mali Vinkovci definitely had a small but urban scene like Belgrade, Rijeka and Zagreb. Cult compilation "Bombing of New York" which was released in 1989 under an independent label Listen loudest she promoted garage rock and the Vinkovac scene. So the rest of the world could hear what was being played in the town on Bosut.

There may not be much left of rock in Vinkovci - apart from memories - today, however urban scene survives.

Rockabilly bar Hang Loose

In recent years, he has been one of the most recognizable symbols of the scene in - Vinkovci but also much wider - Rockabilly bar Hang Loose. The ultra cute cafe is decorated in the style of the American 50s of the last century. With a unique and unrepeatable terrace in the heart of the city, it hosts incredibly good concerts. But there are also specialized classrooms, occasional quizzes, book presentations and many more creative events. They are behind the whole story Ana i Matija Vukoj, with the help of like-minded friends.

Vinkovački also came from there Hang Lose Rockabilly Festival. It is not the oldest, it is not the most famous, but by some figures it is certainly the biggest Rockabilly festival in Croatia. This happening, which is a firework of colors, patterns and happy music, has been enchanting visitors for six years with dance performances and workshops, a hair salon and make-up area, a retro crafts fair and the sale of vintage trinkets, along with a lot of great concerts, pin-up photo sessions for girls and boys dressed up in the style of the 50s and 60s, innovatively decorated corners of the festival area and vintage tin pets. And every next year they try to be even better and more interesting.

Craft bar Valens

A new place on the urban scene of Vinkovci is Craft bar Valens. In addition to serving a large selection of excellent craft beers from all over Croatia, you can often listen to an excellent live concert here, as well as dance to DJ performances. And speaking of dancing - there are rumors that they will soon organize dance parties. During the week in Valens, a pub quiz is regularly held on Wednesdays, which sometimes takes place on Thursdays, but also happens on Tuesdays. And each one, without exception, is a jubilee!

It can be said that the forerunner of this interesting craft pub was the first and only Vinkovci craft festival Beeram homemade. He has been organizing it for the last five years Ivan Vorgić, the owner of Valens, but also the only craft brewery in Vinkovac Valentinian. Located in the shady surroundings of Lenije Park, this festival offers an escape from the heat of the asphalt, but also an excellent selection of craft beer and great bands. So everyone is guaranteed fun during a couple of hot summer days. Exceptional interest in craft beer prompted the organizer to international festival maintains both in good and bad times. Craft bar Valens is now a place where you can enjoy a 'festival in miniature', every day.

Walkow Culture Center

Another new/old place that has a cult status among the people of Vinkovci is Walkow Culture Center. It recently underwent a change in the ownership structure, but it still remains a place where well-known flea markets, exhibitions, educations, game nights, karaoke, listening rooms and concerts are held. Mia Bunny i Roberto Panic they recently decided not to let the well-known cultural capital of Vinkovci die out. By reopening and remodeling the cafe, they decided to continue the tradition of good vibes and quality music in Vinkovci.

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Vinkovci - the city of comics

Vinkovci is also a town The ninth art. Comics salon he lived in this city in the 80s of the last century. It all started in 1984 and lasted until 1999. And while it lasted, it was nice, then it got a little diluted with the appearance of other comic events. One of the organizers and founders of Salon comic is a highly respected and recognizable comic artist Dubravko Mataković, who says about his comics that they are just like people - rude. In his rich career, Mataković drew for Polet and Mladost, as well as Smib and Modra lasta. He successfully transferred the comics to the stage, he released several comic albums - as well as music albums - as the frontman of the colorful Septic tanks, one of the few bands still rocking Vinkovci. Who hasn't heard of his Desmozogens i Overclocking, should definitely fill in the gaps in knowledge. Along the way, he can discover and Little Ivica, the favorite character of many people from Vinkovci.

The history of Vinkovac is rich, and there are many, many stories about a small town on the indecisive Bosut longer and more colorful but what fits in these lines. Many grew up there - often in very unfavorable conditions - satisfied with small things, but dreaming of big ones. Many have achieved these great things, passing on the word about some very special people from Vinkovci.

Cover photo: Pixabay, Author: Davor Krajinović


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