The pearl of Kvarner Rabac: The first hotel opened in 1889

Today, the famous tourist resort of Rabac in the middle of the 19th century is a small fishing village with only a dozen house numbers. Due to the beautiful bay and tame area, it is soon visited by the first excursionists. One of the first tourists from Rabac was the English travel writer and writer Richard Francis Burton, who lived in Rabac in 1876. After that, a tour of other places along the coast of Istria, a book of the same name was written "Istrian coast" in which he describes both the beauty and the charm of the picturesque Rabac.

At that time, Rabac began to receive its first summer houses, and the most famous building was the Rijeka trading family Prohaska, originally from the Czech Republic. Today, one of the most beautiful parts of the place is named after her, while the summer house was destroyed for the 2nd st. war.

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The first rabacki Hotel Quarnero It was opened on June 11, 1889, and was located in the house of the Višković family, not far from today's "Orlando" studio. There were only a few rooms in that hotel, and there was an inn on the ground floor. A regular guest of the first Rabac hotel was the Austrian officer Kaiser, who later bought the Dubrova station near Labin, a place known today for its Mediterranean Sculpture Symposium and Sculpture Park. Chroniclers will note that at the beginning of this century - in 1907, Rabac hosted the Austro-Hungarian heir to the throne. Prince Ferdinand, saluted on the main waterfront.

The people of Rabac were also excellent fishermen and good sailors and owners of a dozen sailing ships, which were eventually supplanted by motor boats and disappeared in the whirlwind of World War II. The first larger hotel was built only for Italy, when Rabac was in its center 1925. The gets the hotel "Trieste" - today's "Coast". As this was insufficient for the growing interest of tourists, mainly from northern Italy, in those years the renting of rooms in private houses began to develop more intensively.

Ten years later, the hotel "Dopolavoro" was built, which today houses the restaurant "Jadran". Tourism in Istria as well as in Rabac began to develop faster only at the beginning of the sixties of this century, when this small place due to its natural beauty received the flattering name "Pearl of Kvarner". Since then, all other hotels, resorts, campsites and most family houses have been built.

Among its tourists for years, most are Germans and Austrians, followed by English and Italians. In one day, in the middle of summer, Rabac hosted the most 11 thousand tourists, mostly foreigners, and several local bathers from nearby Labin and its surroundings.

/// Walk from Labin to Rabac and enjoy the beauties and stories of Istria

Get to know the tourist stories of the Labin region by walking along one of the many trails Labin region. The two trails connect Labin and Rabac: The Path of Senton and the Path of the Divine Springs. These two trails, apart from their beauty, are also interesting in that walkers can combine them, ie use one in one direction and the other in the other. So you can go from Labin to Rabac on the Path of Divine Springs, and return on Sentona's path.

Source and photo: Labin-Rabac Tourist Board

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