Google - Croatia: Promotion of Croatia through intangible cultural heritage in progress

The Croatian National Tourist Board has launched a new autumn promotional campaign "Google - Croatia: Hearts & Crafts" (Google - Croatia: Hearts & Crafts), which will be implemented until the end of November on social networks with a special focus on markets Germany, Austria, France, Belgium i Spain whose inhabitants culture is one of the main motives for coming to Croatia. Given that Croatia is one of the countries with the largest number of intangible cultural heritage items on the UNESCO list, the focus of the campaign is the promotion of the rich Croatian tradition, the Croatian Tourist Board announced.

Watch the video with which we present ourselves to these markets in the autumn campaign:

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The online platform of the campaign shows, for example, the making of Agave lace, the Sinjska alka knights' tournament, the traditional tribune donkey race, Nijemo kolo from the Dalmatian hinterland, klapa singing, the art of preparing Zagorje štruklji and the folk song bećarac.

By the way, Google Arts & Culture is an online platform whose content consists of high-quality photos and videos of works of art and cultural artifacts of partner countries and cultural organizations from around the world. The platform allows all visitors to tour the collections and galleries online, but also to view all the interesting information on prominent topics.

Intangible cultural heritage related to tradition or living expressions, this project of Google and the Croatian National Tourist Board is presented through four sections, ie through knowledge of crafts, folk songs and dances, festivities and food. 

Let us add that in foreign markets, in addition to the campaign, the implementation of the campaign "FALLinLoveWithCroatia" with the aim of highlighting the autumn beauties and attractions of Croatian destinations and the campaign "Thank you for your trust" which aims to maintain visibility and promote Croatia as safe and good. prepared destinations, while the campaign "Experience domestic" is active on the domestic market. Explore rural Croatia! ”, The Croatian Tourist Board reported.

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