Thematic routes - Rural experience in Šibenik-Knin County

Tourist thematic routes are becoming an increasingly significant driver of development, especially in rural destinations, and represent initiatives of shared experiences and intercultural dialogue, mixing social groups and cultures of different origins. Guided by that idea Šibenik-Knin County Tourist Board started the project Rural Experience within which thematic routes were also defined.

The main goal of the development of the thematic routes of the Šibenik-Knin County is to encourage the strengthening of the visibility of tourist thematic routes and their significance for the preservation, valorization and giving new value to the traditional heritage through participatory interpretation and sustainable development of rural areas.

In this phase of the project, several thematic tourist routes of Šibenik-Knin County have been defined: Wine Route, Olive Oil Route, Drniški Prosciutto Route, Cheese Route, Honey Route.

Wine route

The creation of the Wine Route, given the fact that the Šibenik-Knin County has recently seen significant growth and development of winemakers and wineries, was a logical sequence of project development. On a small geographical area, mountain, continental and Mediterranean climates alternate, which provides great opportunities for growing different varieties of vines - babić thrives even in karst, while the debut is favored by the cold.

Autochthonous and international varieties, dry wines and sweet prosecco, rare sparkling wines from babić or marastina, opoli from lasina or plavina, excellent black or white vintage wine (created by mixing different types of grapes), are part of the offer of numerous wineries throughout the county, from Primošten to Šibenik, Vodice, Skradin Oklaj and Knin and Kiev. Stop at every point of the route and check why these enchanting drops have been awarded with world awards and why Šibenik-Knin County successfully competes with famous wine regions in Europe and the world.  

Olive oil route

The olive oil route was necessary for similar reasons as the wine route, given the large number of quality oils, 7 of which won gold at the prestigious world competition in New York. This precious green liquid has always been a spice of life in the Mediterranean, an extremely healthy and valued food. On the route, you should definitely visit the tasting rooms and taste some of the best Croatian oils in an authentic environment.

Drniški prosciutto route

Ruta Drniški prosciutto needs no special introduction – this world-famous delicacy speaks all languages! Prosciutto dried in a special way, whipped by the storm of the Miljevac plateau, is a special delicacy that was recognized by the British court and was also served at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. You should taste everything and indulge in the rhapsody of flavors.

Cheese route

The ideal addition to Drnji prosciutto hides Ruta cheese. Made in the traditional way of our ancestors, from proven domestic fresh milk, the cheese is a top delicacy with the smell and taste of vast pastures and aromatic herbs. Sheep, cow, goat, young or cheese from muscles they are just some of the types that must be tried. Basa is absolutely not to be missed - an extraordinary cow's milk cheese from Pada.

Honey route

The honey route, the sweetest of all routes, offers a variety of flavors from meadow and acacia from the hinterland, to lavender and sage from Kornati. As the only food that reaches the consumer in an almost unchanged form, honey will sweeten your palate and strengthen your immunity in the long winter days.

Exceptional gastronomic diversity is another asset of Šibenik-Knin County, which skilfully combines juicy continental delicacies and light and tasty seafood specialties. The famous Skradin risotto, bižots - eels from Krka, and must-have dishes under the oven - lamb, veal or pivac with potatoes, and if necessary, octopus, are just some of the dishes that should not be skipped.

Lovers of fish dishes will be satisfied with gregado, brudet, lešad and pidocci, after which they can sweeten themselves with traditional desserts - fig trees, irresistible fried sweet almonds, chocolates with homemade jams from figs, mulberries and chokeberries, and intoxicating notes of honey, walnuts and rose brandy the famous Skradin cakes, abundantly covered with chocolate glaze, will remain memories for a long time.

Photo source: Tourist Board of Šibenik-Knin County


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