They have the Danube, the most beautiful prehistoric story and are loved by modern travelers

Srijem and Slavonia have great hosts, excellent cooks and excellent wine producers, and with a rich heritage and beautiful nature, what better invitations for a weekend trip to Vukovar-Srijem County?

weekend Vukovar, Srejem County
Excursion to Srijem, source: Tourist Board of Vukovar-Srijem County

If you are looking for inspiration for a new trip with your favorite company, we have it ten reasons which make the Vukovar-Srijem County an excellent choice.

///Srijem and Slavonia - a magical plain

Don't miss the Vučedol Culture Museum

They were the first to domesticate the dog, the first to raise cattle, the first to produce beer, the first to drive four-wheeled carts, they knew how to preserve and process meat, they also had smokehouses, and the Vučedol dove and Vukovar boot are the pinnacle of ceramic production. Find out the most beautiful prehistoric story about this advanced culture, which lived on Vučedol between 3.000 and 2.500 years before Christ, in the modern Museum of Vučedol culture.

Museum of Vučedol culture
Museum of Vučedol Culture, photo: Marko Balaži, source: Tourist Board of Vukovar-Srijem County

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Discover the modern side of Vukovar

Behind the baroque facade of the city hides a rich urban scene. Vukovar is famous for its street art, it is the most beautiful open-air gallery with murals, 3D anamorphic pictures and graffiti on walkways, facades and streets. Recommendation: The most beautiful view is from the restored Water Tower, this monument of Croatian unity is part of the Vukovar Nocturne, which unites all memorial sites in the city.

Photo: VukovArt

Coffee in Vinkovci

Coffee on the Korza in the center of the baroque city center, a walk along the Bosut, modern bird sculptures by the world-famous artist Dina Merhav, a selfie next to the monument to Ivan and Marija Kozarac in the old Krnjaš... Who would have thought that Vinkovci is the oldest settlement in Europe with a continuity of life longer than eight thousand year?

Birthplace of Josip Kozarac
Birthplace of Josip Kozarac, photo: Davorin Krešić

On an adrenaline adventure in Andrijaševce

The zipline across Bosut is one of the many attractions of the Bosut Rokovci-Andrijaševci Adrenaline Park located on the river bank. With two levels of training ground, lower with ten and higher, more demanding with seven tracks, it is a place of great fun and socializing in nature.

The decorated Srijem is wonderful, the Germans

Traveling to Srijem and Slavonia has never been more fun

Cycling in company is the most beautiful

Hundreds of kilometers of cycling routes, riding along riverbanks, forests, villages and historic city centers... A real pleasure, especially if you are in company.

epic rides ilok
Source: Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board

Hiking in Srijem, why not?

The mountain seal important to mountaineers, a break in one of the wineries with a glass of top wine, socializing with your favorite team, are all the more reason to head to one of the six hiking-mountaineering trails on Fruška Gora above Ilok.

hiking trails
Photo: Danijel Soldo, source: Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board

///New in Srijem and Slavonia: six themed hiking-mountaineering trails

Bird watching

Find out why in the Germans bird watching an increasingly popular activity.

bird watching Germans
Bird watching, photo: Visit Niemci

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Socializing with a spicy gourmet story

For starters, cracklings, kulen, kulen's cutlet, ham, bacon, sausage, topped with cheese, ajvar... Then a hearty soup, spicy fish or shepherd's pie, maybe roast or carp in forks... And cakes of all colors and sizes, from "wedding cake" to salted... So is eaten in Srijem and Slavonia.

weekend vukovar srijemska
Photo: Mario Žilec, source: Tourist Board of Vukovar-Srijem County

///Srijem and Slavonia a paradise for gourmets

Make a toast with Ilok tramin

The Srijem vineyard and the beautiful historical Ilok have become famous in the world. Above it, on the wine-growing slopes of Fruška Gora, traminac gives the best results, Graševine, but also other wine varieties are excellent, so a trip to Vukovar-Srijem County is an opportunity to taste world-class wines.

weekend vukovar srijemska
Photo: Vedran Bošković, source: Tourist Board of Vukovar-Srijem County

A holiday home is a good choice. You can choose between traditional houses with beautiful gardens and more modern ones with swimming pools, between picturesque villages and urban areas, riverbanks and forest edges... A good option if you want privacy and quality time spent with your chosen company.

///Unique environments that make country living in Srijem and Slavonia more and more popular


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