This spring, experience the yellow fragrant broom in the municipality of Ližnjan

The mystical beauty of its plant world Istrian municipality Liznjan it can thank the most preserved holm oak forests, endless eumediterranean pastures, numerous species of orchids and endemic and protected plants. Despite this natural splendor, a recognizable simbol of the municipality of Ližnjan is still modest, beautiful, bright yellow and fragrant broom. Although broom or beetle is a common spring scene along our coast and islands, the special connection between Ližnjan and this modest wild plant is reflected in the landscape full of clear bushes, its important historical role and the fact that it adorns the official coat of arms of Ližnjan-Lisignano. Visit the southeast of Istria in the pre-season when, in the peace of the awakened spring, the broom turns into an unusual guide who takes you on a fragrant adventure!

Back in 1149, Ližnjan was first mentioned as Lisianum, and we can easily imagine that even then this hardy plant adorned the nature of this area. Its positive characteristics are numerous - its shrub can grow up to 3 m, can live up to 25 years, loves strong sun, and is resistant to storms, drought and low temperatures, and with branched roots protects the soil from erosion. For the inhabitants of southern Istria - including the municipality of Ližnjan - it meant a lot after World War II when it greatly alleviated their scarcity. Because of its availability and durability of fibers, farmers made sacks, ropes, rugs, and even shoes, clothes, and sheets from it. It was and remains important to beekeepers because its honey flowers are very attractive to bees.

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The untouched nature of Ližnjan municipality and a large number of sunny hours, broom recognized as its home, so its bushes in the spring gratefully spread throughout the area, creating a yellow color of its flowers a beautiful contrast to the blue sea and sky and green landscapes. There is a little less of it in the coastal area covered with holm oak forests, but there is a location where you will come across scenes worthy of magazine covers. The most attractive location with broom bushes is the picturesque peninsula Marler od Kuje Bay to Kažele. A photogenic lighthouse of the same name is waiting for you on the mentioned peninsula.

According to an old folklore, the broom flower has a powerful power that acts exclusively on women. In May, when the intoxicating scent of broom blooms, women become extremely seductive. Whether this is true or a myth is not known, but one way to find the answer is to walk the 10,5 km long educational trail All Stipan below and on the hill Monte Madonna in Šišan. In addition to the info board with many interesting facts about broom, on the trail you will find six other educational tables that will bring you closer to the natural and cultural values ​​of this area: the fortress of Monte Madonna, the underwater meadows of Posidonia, shoot, wells, orchids and holm oak, which has taken root along the port of Budava in the most beautiful and best-preserved forests in the Mediterranean.

A beautiful custom related to broom is woven into the tradition of Ližnjan and Šišan. June is the month of processions on the occasion of the Feast of Corpus Christi, which makes a special detail even more solemn. While the procession in Ližnjan has been intermittent over time, the one in Šišan has been held continuously to this day, and it is characteristic of both that women and girls from the baskets full of broom flowers threw petals along the path of the procession. . Let's also say that pillows and mattresses used to be filled with bright yellow broom flowers, in the past they were also used to make yellow paint, and nowadays they are used to make oil that is added to perfumes.

Brnistra will take you to the most important archeological site in Istria, the royal one Nesactium. The stone remains of the most powerful Histrian stronghold surrounded by soothing greenery radiate the special energy of the fearless Histrians who built their city to monitor the entire traffic from the port of Budava from the northern Adriatic to the south. Just like the Liburnians, they used broom in households, food and clothing, and it also played an important role in making flexible and durable ships. Although they failed to save their city from Roman attacks, despite heart resistance, the story of the Histrians and broom survives to this day.

How to immortalize the beauty and uniqueness of broom? How to enjoy its flowers all year round? It has served as an inspiration to many artists, including the Artefacto brand, which creates beautiful examples of handmade jewelry based on Croatian natural and cultural heritage. After visiting the municipality of Ližnjan, jewelry designer Nataša Stanić Bellante stopped the butterfly broom flower in bloom by pouring it into silver earrings, which she makes to order in three variants, silver, gilded or in a recognizable, bright yellow color of this special plant. You can find more information about this unique jewelry HERE.

Source, photo: TZO Ližnjan - Lisignano

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