Three days - three peaks, for an extended weekend continue to Lika

How to spend an extended weekend? The sun's rays invite you to explore untouched nature, get to know the natural beauties and relax with family and friends, while enjoying local specialties. All of the above awaits you at the three-day event Three Days - Three Peaks, which will take place from 28 to 30 May in beautiful Lika.

The Tourist Board of the Municipality of Plitvice Lakes, the City of Gospić and the Municipality of Udbina are jointly preparing an active holiday program for visitors - conquering three mountain peaks in three days with accompanying facilities.

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Professional hiking guides will make sure that you do not deviate from the right, forest road. The co-organization of the event also includes the Velebit Nature Park, the HGSS station Gospić, and the mountaineering associations Mrsinj and Željezničar. Hiking, gastronomic and music facilities are completely free for all visitors. As climbing tours are not particularly demanding, they can be mastered by people with poorer fitness, as well as people with small legs. For excursionists who want to enjoy the fresh mountain air all three days and get to know the specialties of this area, affordable accommodation is provided in the Tourist Resort Mrzlin grad.

Korenica is the first host of climbing to the top of Mrsinj, located on the eastern part of the slope. These are actually the remains of the medieval fortress "Mrsinj Grad" (1.112 meters), the former home of the Frankopan princes, and below the stone peak are the remains of a former fortress. Apart from defense, the Mrsinj Grad fort also had a church purpose. It was the first administrative center, where the bishops of the Krbava diocese have sat since 1185. After conquering the green peak, the excursionists descend to the tourist resort Mrzlin grad. The wonderful smell of hunting stew from the cauldron, a specialty of this region, with which the host awaits them in the Ursula restaurant, along with a music program, will surely delight even the most discerning.

On the second day, he leaves Udbina around 10 o'clock. The beauties of the Ozeblin hill are revealed, from which you can see as many as 17 mountain peaks, including Sinjal, the highest in Croatia and also one of the highest peaks of the Dinarides mountain range. On the way back, it is possible to visit the famous Church of the Croatian Martyrs in Udbina.

We also recommend excursions to Udbina, as well as the lookout point above the historic Krbavsko field. After climbing efforts and absorbing the beauties of untouched nature, a picnic is organized on the meadow for all visitors. Homemade lamb is being prepared, another well-known and favorite Lika specialty, from which delicious buds sing.

On the third day, after a walk around Gospić, the third challenge follows - Oštra hill, a peak and short mountain slope near Gospić, four kilometers away from the city center. From the top there is an irresistible view of most of the Velebit peaks of the middle and part of southern Velebit. This is the shortest of the three hiking climbs, and on the way back you just have to follow the tempting smell at the foot, where all hikers in the village of Trnovac can expect a delicious cauldron.

There are some places that offer enchanting views of natural beauty, just like on a postcard. Such scenes await you in Lika. If you decide on this adventure, you will enjoy the fresh air and forget about everyday life and obligations in an instant. The hosts will do their best to make your stay unforgettable and to bring many beautiful moments in the box of memories that you will remember for a long time.

Cover photo: Rade Jug

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