TOP 5 reasons why Varaždin County is an ideal cycling tourist destination

The richness of natural and cultural attractions of Varaždin County, the development of the cycling tourist network, but also the proximity of important international routes make Varaždin County an ideal destination for cycling. The quality standards of the cycling tourist offer as well as the possibility of free bicycle transport by train also contribute to everything.

1. Cyclist Welcome Quality

Varaždin County, as the third in Croatia, has introduced the Cyclist Welcome Quality standard. As many as 30 accommodation facilities from the area of ​​Varaždin County have become part of the Cyclist Welcome network.

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2. Bicycle routes

The existing county cycling network consists of four road and one half offroad and half road cycling routes.

The Drava cycling route, with its richness of natural beauty and cultural diversity, is considered one of the most beautiful cycling trails in Europe. From the castle to the castle you can get to know the cultural and historical sights of the County, and along the Toplica route you can reach the town of Varaždinske Toplice where the oldest thermal spas in Croatia and the archeological excavations of the Roman thermal baths are located.

Find out more about cycling routes HERE.

3. Proximity to significant international routes

Varaždin County is located near two important European cycling routes, namely the Euro Velo 13 Iron Curtain Route, which enters Croatia from Hungary, and the Euro Velo 9 Baltic Adriatic Route from the direction of Slovenia.

4. A wealth of attractions

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There are numerous historical and natural sights only 70 kilometers from east to west or from north to south. In this small area, the slopes of the Alps merge with the Pannonian Plain, mountainous and hilly areas of Ravna Gora, Ivančica and Kalnik, covered with forests, meadows and vineyards, merge with the Drava, and the continuity of life has left us an incredible tangible and intangible cultural heritage. And the most intense and direct experience is possible by bike.

5. Free bicycle transport by train

Take a peek into every corner of Varaždin County, combining bicycle and train transport. In trains running in the area of ​​Varaždin County, with the purchased ticket, you are entitled to free bicycle transport.

Cover photo: Siniša Sović

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