"Ekomuzej Međimurje malo" – the most modern interactive exhibit in this part of Europe

In Međimurje County, there is the first eco-museum in the region, which gathers the most interesting tourist attractions of one of the most successful destinations of continental tourism. This is how visitors and tourists can find out the answers to numerous questions related to the tourist offer of Međimurje in a state-of-the-art multimedia and interactive setup in this part of Europe - the Visitor Center "Ekomuseum Međimurje malo".

Ecomuseum of Međimurje
Photo: Facebook Međimurje County Tourist Board

The Ecomuseum is an innovative concept of preservation, protection and tourist interpretation of heritage, and it is the first such project in Croatia and in this part of Europe. The entire project of the Ecomuseum organization includes construction and equipping 15 interpretation centers throughout Međimurje County, as well as the central Visitor Center in Čakovec.

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Today's modern guest wants to experience the destination as it really is, its past and present, wants to taste its gastronomic riches, enjoy the natural beauty, listen to indigenous music and get to know the habits of the local population, and Ekomuzej Međimurje little covers everything Međimurje as a tourist destination can offer.

Ecomuseum of Međimurje
Photo: Međimurje County

What to see in Međimurje

The Central Visitor Center is located on the premises Međimurje County Tourist Board and was conceived as a "visitor" center that provides visitors with the most important basic information about Međimurje and encourages them to explore the cultural, historical and traditional heritage in the original location.

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Therefore, thanks to the fragmented museum, tourists will be able to visit locations that until now have not been sufficiently recognized by tourists, such as the future "Hiža Međimurska popevka" Center in Donja Dubrava or the Necropolis Archaeological Park in the tumuli in Goričan.

Ecomuseum of Međimurje
Photo: Međimurje County

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The Ecomuseum unites the most important values ​​of Međimurje - singing, archeological and sacral heritage, mill on the Mura, washing of gold on the Drava, Old town of Zrinski, natural heritage, wine culture, traditional Međimurje gastronomy, the life and work of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, sports and recreation.

Terme Sveti Martin
Photo: Terme Sveti Martin

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Ecomuseum Međimurje offers a unique concept

In addition to the concept, the technological solutions offered by the ecomuseum are also unique. Virtual reality is combined with material reality, i.e. through elements of virtual reality, contact with the museum space is achieved.

Ecomuseum of Međimurje
Photo: Facebook Međimurje County Tourist Board

Year after year, Međimurje justifies the title of the most successful continental tourist destination and raises the bar of excellence in all areas. The project "Ekomuzej Međimurje malo" is only a part of the large investment in tourism of Međimurje County.

Matulov soil

Matul's grunt in the heart of Međimurje - a unique educational and research center

The "Med dvemi vodami" visitor center in Križovac represents the protected natural heritage of Međimurje. There is also Matulov soil, an educational and research center in Frkanovac, as well as the largest investment in the cultural heritage of Međimurje, reconstruction of the fortification of the Old Town of Čakovec.

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Source: Međimurje County


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