Tourist stories of the Šibenik hinterland: From superb flavors and aromas to breathtaking scenes

The hilly terrain of the Dalmatian hinterland, ie the Dalmatian hinterland, was an attractive area for the great rulers of the past. The precious nature of this area attracted both the rising Croatian kings and the Ottoman sultans in their endless attacks with the aim of conquering this unconquerable country. Today, the Dalmatian hinterland is equally attractive to many tourists in search of an unforgettable active vacation. The indescribably beautiful Krka National Park, the gigantic Velebit Nature Park, untouched rivers and mighty mountains will inspire and delight you and reveal exciting stories that you will listen to without words.

Try indigenous world-famous dishes

The hinterland of Šibenik has an incredibly rich and varied cuisine that can satisfy gourmets of all tastes. Satisfying Drniš specialties such as mouse cheese and sheep cheese, prosciutto, arambašić or cabbage rolls and lamb roasted under the oven. Skradin meat recipes such as koprtlja and are also widely known Skradin risotto which are traditionally prepared only by men or seafood delicacies such as bijouterie that is, eel and cod broth, small fish that live between the upper layer of fresh water of the river Krka and the lower layer of salty sea water.

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Dessert lovers come here for their favorite dessert of almonds, walnuts and honey - Her Majesty Skradin cake. Here is the realm of bruschetta or candied almonds, figs, hazelnuts and plantains, but also aromatic brandies made of cherries, pears, blueberries, figs, jujubes, walnuts and rose petals. There is no shortage of quality varieties of wine here, such as debit and maraschino from white wines or lasina and plavina from red wines. This region invites you to enjoy the flavors that will enchant and excite your senses and you will be looking for a bite more.

Take a walk through the forts of kings and nobles

The important strategic position of the Dalmatian hinterland even in Roman times required adequate protection because much had to be defended and even more conquered. The medieval defensive fortifications of Šibenik-Knin County were equally distributed on the mainland, coast and islands, but the fortifications in the hinterland were mostly built first, in accordance with the rise of the Ottoman Empire. Rival noble families Šubić and Nelipčić they clashed with the Turks or with each other, so they mostly built smaller fortifications for their own military needs. Larger structures that are the most preserved today, with the frequent exception of earlier Knin Fortress, began to spread along the coast during the Ottoman-Venetian wars as part of the famous Venetian defense system and today represent one of the largest tourist attractions in the region.

Explore the Krka National Park and its incredible beauties

The specific geological structure of the karst area that surrounds the stunningly beautiful river Krk, has created one of the most beautiful national parks in Europe, one of the few where you can even enjoy swimming and showering under magical cascading waterfalls. Krka National Park consists of seven spectacular waterfalls, includes about 40 interesting caves and pits, is located near several impressive archaeological sites and medieval fortifications and serves as a protected habitat for more than 1000 different plant species and endemic and endangered animals. Furthermore, the Krka National Park offers a boat tour to the beautiful monastery of Krka, the spiritual center of the Dalmatian diocese and to a very special island of Visovac and its Franciscan monastery from the 16th century.

Bring your spirit to life with exciting sports in a peaceful environment

The hinterland is an extremely suitable place to participate in many exciting outdoor sports and outdoor activities. The rugged hilly terrain surrounded by the murmur of crystal clear rivers greatly facilitates a variety of sporting activities, such as cycling, horseback riding, hiking, mountaineering, canyoning, rock climbing, canoeing, zip lining or buggy riding. If you want to train and stay in shape, but also have a good time, the peaceful environment of stunning natural beauty will lift your spirits, awaken your mind and you will be filled with energy and serenity for weeks.

Discover oases of untouched nature

The Dalmatian hinterland is full of peaceful oases scattered over the beautiful sea and magnificent mountains. Mighty rivers like Krka, Cetina and Čikola they have a dynamic flow that creates beautiful lakes, ponds, tributaries, basins and waterfalls with clean fresh water and a rich ecosystem. On the other hand, big mountains like Velebit and Dinara they provide refuge for wildlife and dominate this area with their large, solid massifs, creating a natural border that divides the Adriatic coast from western Bosnia. Before leaving this region you should definitely visit the beautiful springs of the Cetina, witness the Krka waterfalls that will take your breath away, experience the amazing Čikola canyon, walk along the attractive mountain Promina, climb Velebit or ride a bike along the picturesque trails and valleys of the Dinara.

Admire the rich cultural heritage and learn more about local traditions

The rich cultural heritage of the hinterland speaks eloquently of the turbulent history of the region and its rugged, diligent and pious people. From Illyrians and Romans do Turks and Venetians, all have left a valuable legacy and a deep imprint in material culture and a long vivid tradition. Preserved archeological sites, impressive defensive fortifications, decorated sacral buildings and extraordinary works of art by great masters such as Ivan Meštrović they are material that will arouse your admiration and teach you even more. Be sure to visit Knin Fortress and the Roman military camp Burnum, walk through the traditional dry stone walls that surround the lovely villages, step into the church of St. John the Baptist, St. Roko and Our Lady of the Rosary in Drniš, the church of St. Salvation near the source of the river Cetina or the monastery of Our Lady of Mercy and the monastery of Krk in the eponymous national park, admire Meštrović's sculptures or simply spend a pleasant afternoon in an exceptional theme park Ethnoland Dalmatia.

Source: Šibenik-Knin County Tourist Board

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