Is Slavonia far away? No, it's not - Vinkovci is closer to Zagreb than Zadar


When to come to Vinkovci? Always, but especially now in June and early July. Roman days, craft beer festival Beeram homemade, Hang loose Rockabilly Festival and free cab rides. Every weekend in June top events in the oldest continuously inhabited place in Europe and the place where it was found the oldest European calendar Orion.

Far? No, it just seems to you. From Zagreb by car, you can get to Vinkovce sooner than to Zadar. By car, you can drive normally for max 2 hours and 30 minutes in Vinkovci or 275 kilometers. By the way, Zagreb - Zadar is about a 3-hour drive and 288 kilometers.

Sports and music, but also beer. And that domestic craft what they were still drinking Roman emperors in Colonia Aurelia Cibalae, which was the Roman name for today's Vinkovci.

Content is always IN. More on LINK. I recommend that you also read the story of on the other side of Vinkovci. It is said that the ancient Romans used to say that in their empire they had a river that flows to one side in the morning and to the other in the afternoon. They were thinking of the Bosut, which sometimes flows so calmly that even the slightest breath of wind moves the water in one direction or another. So is the center of Šokadija. The Vinkovci are a little in ancient history, proud of 'their' Romans, a little in the hectic everyday life of modern life. Tambourines are ringing a little in the city, rock is a little dusty. The city of rock, the city of comics, the city of sports, the city of tradition...

Btw, I don't know if you knew that the distance between Split and Vinkovci is the same in both directions!?

It has been several years since I wrote the article: A great discovery by mathematicians! The distance between Split and Osijek is the same in both directions, whose goal was to raise public awareness and change the perception that Slavonia is far away.

Often, to my question and invitation to visit Slavonia, the interlocutors answer that Slavonia is far away. It's even better when I'm at the seaside and invite the interlocutor to come to Slavonia, and the answer is "it's far away". And it's not far for me from Vinkovci to get to the sea from Slavonia? The distance is the same in both directions.

No, Slavonia is not far away. If we look from Zagreb, you will arrive in Vinkovce or Osijek sooner than in Zadar or Šibenik.

It should be recognized that this negative perception has somehow been implanted, and that same perception needs to be changed. And that was the goal of writing this article, which was originally published on the portal in the summer of 2017.

When we talk about continental tourism, domestic tourists are always an important base, and that's why I invite you - visit Slavonia and explore continental Croatia.

Travel around the world, learn, watch, educate yourself, but you should definitely get to know your country as well. We have something to brag about and show off. In fact, believe me, you will be amazed by everything Slavonija has to offer.

From hills and valleys, white sandy beaches, driving along the beautiful blue Danube, culture, museums, urban facilities, to a rich eno and gastronomic offer. And that's not all... You have something to do for a minimum of 7 days in Slavonia. Amazing stories and experiences are waiting for you to discover them.

Prices in Slavonia are the same throughout the year, hotels and restaurants are open throughout the year and Slavonians really live and develop the destination through 365 days a year.

If you are wondering when is the best time to visit Slavonia, the best advice is - always. Every season is a new and different tourist story, so you can't go wrong whenever you come.

We have to respect ourselves a little more, tradition, culture and identity… I invite you, let Slavonia introduce itself to you and impress you. And yes, the distance between Split and Osijek is really the same in both directions, if you don't believe me, see for yourself. I challenge you!

Come, get to know your country - Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem are waiting for you with open hearts.

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Cover photo: Steve Tsentserensky


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