Villa Nai 3.3 – the jewel of the new era that is ahead of us

In the heart of Dalmatia, on Long Island next to the town of Žman, there is an oasis where it is located Villa Nai 3.3 – an ultra-luxury hotel with five deluxe rooms and three deluxe suites. It is one of nine hotels in Croatia that, due to their quality and uniqueness, deserved to be invited to the prestigious group of luxury and boutique hotels of the exclusive travel club. Mr & Mrs Smith. This multiple award-winning specialized booking service for boutique hotels and villas, which offers its members the most stylish accommodation facilities around the world, recently included the spectacular Villa Nai in its offer, describing it as the jewel of the new era that is ahead of us.

And Villa Nai 3.3 with its exceptional architecture, fully personalized service and location at the gates of the Kornati National Park and the Telašćica Nature Park it really is a real gem. In a hundred-year-old ecological olive grove, the architect Nikola Bašić placed a guest facility, an area for olive oil production and a tasting room, turning into reality the vision of a building that fully adapts to nature, unobtrusive like all the other beauties that adorn the island.

Following the movement of the terrain, The villa is an object of unusual geometry which combines the processing of olives into oil under a green roof, as well as accommodation according to the standards of The Leading Hotels of the World association. The buildings are built of stone from olive groves, and the interiors are decorated with designer furniture in complete harmony with nature.

With the aim of protecting the magnificent nature in which it is located, Villa Nai 3.3. it is designed to meet the highest energy standard. There is also a desalination plant, and composted food waste is used as organic fertilizer in the hotel garden.

Fresh, organic fruits of this garden, together with the products of the surrounding local farms and fresh fish and seafood create the magic of delicious Dalmatian cuisine, which is prepared in the hotel's kitchen.

Only the best is served therebolis from the island's farms and from the depths of the sea, prepared in the way it has always been done on Dugi otok. The menu includes authentic gastronomic experiences enjoyed by the ancient Dalmatians.

In the Mediterranean, the olive is a source of pleasure, health and taste, and on Dugi otok, the olive is a way of life. Villa Nai 3.3 is surrounded by a 500-year-old olive grove. Early harvesting of olives and processing that takes place on the same day are just some of the secrets of the unique taste multiple award-winning oil Nai 3.3, which is produced according to the strictest ecological standards. Thanks to their own oil mill and production, they organize in the olive grove days of olive oil, and they include oil tasting, participation in picking, themed dinners, gatherings of olive growers, various lectures and a lot of pleasant socializing.

Every drop of Nai 3.3 oil is obtained by hand, all the fruits that make it up are hand-harvested and processed on the same day. Only perfect olives - healthy and intact - create the unique taste of Nai 3.3 oil, the most awarded Dalmatian oil in the world.

The beauty of Dugi otok was enchanting as early as 11.000 years ago, and perhaps that is precisely why the first Dalmatian chose it as his home - Shime. While exploring the island, immerse yourself in the ambiance of the environment Vlakno caves in which archaeological treasures from the Paleolithic and Mesolithic, tools, and the skeleton of Šima himself were discovered. For a moment delve into the secrets of the origin of the human species, and then move on.

Villa Nai 3.3 is only a few minutes away from Telašćica Nature Park which hides spectacular beaches and cliffs. Veli Rat is located there, with the highest lighthouse on the Adriatic, but also a fortress Grpašćak which offers the most beautiful view of the Telašćica Nature Park.

Here you can set sail with the descendants of the first commercial fishermen on the Adriatic and discover why the oldest written record mentioning fishing and fish trade as a business was found on Dugi otok. Dugi otok offers the pleasure of sailing through a labyrinth of 140 perfect islets Kornati National Park, one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world, and the magnificent beauty of the seabed and the richness of life in the sea depths of Dugi otok are worth adventure and exploration.

Villa Nai 3.3 is the perfect starting point for exploring this special corner of the Adriatic, and a more than perfect resting place after unforgettable adventures.

Photo: Villa Nai 3.3, Authors: T. Dubravec, D. Fabijanić


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