The walk through the forest to Dobrinje provided us with companionship, fun, research and – sound sleep

On Monday morning, almost every muscle hurt. A new working week starts, and I'm tired. But it is a healthy fatigue.

Krk, ladder on the olive tree
Photo: Blanka Kufner

The day before, I participated in another one birthday adventure s Mark, this time on the island of Krk.

Marko Sladic
Photo: Blanka Kufner

The goal was Dobrinj, but he is the least important in the whole story. Its importance was to the extent that it was beautifully illuminated by the Sun almost the entire way as we walked towards it.

Krk, walk, trough, stream
Photo: Blanka Kufner

Wet and cold

On one stretch, I froze a little because along the bed of the stream we were walking on and along, the temperature was quite low - and I was without a hat and gloves! Torn sneakers on my feet that don't hold the heat... I had to wear ankle boots, but I survived. And no, I didn't catch a cold.

Krk, walk, trough, stream
Photo: Blanka Kufner

I don't know if the same happened to the children who slipped, wet their legs, some and the entire lower part of their body. We were moving, so I believe they didn't get sick. They actually moved much more intensively because Marko organized various things games. I even briefly joined myself.

/ / / A birthday adventure full of exciting and scary stories, educational at the same time, because the world rests on the young

It's nice to go back to childhood for a while...

Photo: Blanka Kufner

A walk along the trough

We usually look at Krk through a prism Sun and sea, but this island hides much more, so it's a shame that little is known about places far from the coast. On the other hand, maybe it's lucky for those of us who like to discover lesser-known nooks and crannies.

The bed of the stream along which we walked delighted me, I had never had the opportunity to experience something like that before. There was no water in the lower part of the stream, but as we climbed, the views changed, we encountered hollows filled with clear water and small waterfalls.

The climbing became more and more demanding and exciting, it was real trening for the whole body because we had to 'walk on all fours', jump over parts with water, hold on to branches by the riverbed, help each other...

Marko Sladić and the tree
Photo: Blanka Kufner

Socializing, fun, research and – sound sleep

We hugged trees and heard about how trees are connected by roots and thus transmit information. At one point we came across two beehives so we touched on the topic of bees, at another we saw a karst puddle and talked about its importance for animals.

Marko Sladić and children
Photo: Blanka Kufner

At every step we learned something new and interesting, socialized, explored and had fun.

The day was filled with games, fighting, stories, spreading knowledge, sharing experiences, learning how to treat others.. Many beautiful and useful things. We got dirty, tore our clothes, got wet and suffered.

Photo: Blanka Kufner

But the kids didn't have enough action even when they reached the finish line. Arriving in Dobrinje, they did not lack energy for Marko's games - from those that require good concentration to win, to others that require a lot of physical strength and speed.

/ / / Winter, a deep forest, a secret cabin, a mouse, me... and an unusual night visitor

I slept that night like a baby and I was certainly not the only one.

Krk, walk, trough, stream
Photo: Blanka Kufner


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