We bring you the top 10 ideal places for a trip near Zagreb

Desire for the occasional fleeing the city it is a completely natural phenomenon. Especially if you have a family. The criteria for choosing a picnic area to take your family to are quite high because they need to be met numerous needs. First of all, peace, idyll, greenery. But not too desolate, nor too wild. Kids want to play and explore, parents want relax and support, and needs something nice along the way eat and drink. Everyone wants an experience that is a point on I for the weekend. And that all this together is not far away. The green "Zagreb ring" offers a handful of places that are created for pleasant family moments, from completely passive to active.

Ethno farm Mirnovec

It sprouted at the very entrance to the town of Samobor estate in which time seemed to matter. Authentic wooden cottages have been skillfully relocated, restored and decorated, creating a pleasant semblance of peaceful rural life. There is a traditional restaurant and an equestrian club, as well as plenty of space to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Cellar Old Mill

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On a quiet estate in the vicinity of Ivanić-Grad surrounded by vineyards and hills, the mill is no longer working, but activities for guests are more than enough. From walking, sports, fishing, socializing with animals to participating in rural affairs. And you can just indulge in the flavors carefree home cooking.

Wild Water Bio Park

Through the spacious family picnic area located within the Žumberak Nature Park, the Bregana stream flows, which gives it a special atmosphere, but also fresh brown trout. You can try yourself in the ponds, and leave the children to party on the meadows, playgrounds or in the zoo.

Rural tourism Kezele

One of the first rural households in this area is a fairy tale Moslavina estate which leaves no one indifferent. The main trump cards are excellent home-made food, wines and brandies from our own production, and there is also a spacious yard and a children's playground, as well as imaginative facilities such as driving in a country car. The atmosphere is rustic but decorated with a lot of charm and style.

Cowboy picnic area

Imagine big ranch surrounded by nature, decorated in the style of cowboys and Indians. Children's imagination can really swing here, but also ride a real horse, and grilled specialties only complete the successful transplantation of the Wild West on the gentle slopes of Vukomeričke gorice.

Kršlin's mill

Rejected rural household at the foot of Žumberak it is located literally on a stream, on the site of an old mill. The silence is disturbed only by the sounds of domestic animals and the sound of water, and trout - a local specialty prepared by modest hosts in several ways - literally jump from a spring into a plate.

Kraš Ecopark

Large and content rich park with a pond, swimming pool and numerous playgrounds, it is primarily a paradise for children eager for outdoor activities, but adult visitors will not be left out either. Restaurant and cottages complete the offer of this real small rural resort near Pisarovina.

Excursion site Dva potoka

In the relaxed atmosphere of this great rural property next to the town of Zaprešić, children can get closer to domestic animals and have fun on the playground, while parents carelessly recharge their batteries and enjoy traditional dishes. The murmur of the stream is an additional stimulant to relax all the senses.

Rural tourism Stara preša

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Compound family restaurant and conquers the rural economy with an intimate and pleasant atmosphere. Children will enjoy exploring the backyard and getting to know the animals, and parents at the table with an abundance of local specialties. In the "fresh" air you can enjoy two summer terraces, a small lookout, a gazebo and benches by two lakes. You can walk past the vegetable garden, through the vineyard and inside the smaller orchard.

Repro eco farm

This would be another idyllic one rural economy that it is not oriented towards a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle. In addition to uniting with nature in the best possible way, on the farm of the Repar family near the center of Jastrebarsko, you can learn first hand how food grown on ecological principles is made. Of course, and taste it.

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