All our sausages: We reveal the Advent location where you enjoy what you like to eat most on Advent!

In the center of Zagreb, a new city Advent location has opened with numerous photo points and a program full of concerts, DJ performances, children's shows and workshops! And that's not all - Advent Matoš & cats offers visitors a superb offer of traditional Advent food of all types, sizes and additions, the queen of all European Advent meals – sausage!

Sausages, but in a different and innovative way, are still the favorite choice of Advent visitors, a Matoš & cats there are them on every house! Ten catering establishments offer a diverse range of sausages with numerous additions and side dishes that will delight you at the first taste.

Sausages that conquer!

At the cottage Oh La La you will lick your fingers when you taste the advent sausage with melted raclette cheese, mustard and honey sauce, with fried onions, bacon and coleslaw! If you're in the mood for less meat, be sure to try the boiled potatoes topped with raclette melted cheese, fried onion crumbles and bits of bacon.

Cottage Suck it up it's not just for "shaking something off your feet", but it offers four types of sausages in five different ways, and the real explosion of flavors should definitely be singled out - baked Istrian sausage with arugula, truffles and finely chopped pears in wine! They also have "Cugeraj house special", and it is a homemade smoked sausage with horseradish sauce served with sauerkraut, pickled onions, fried onions and fried bacon.

Na Shank in the house, you can taste the excellent combination of homemade Debrecinka with avocado, bacon and chili, while Bitburger the house delights with its traditional burgers with juicy beef, cheddar cheese, bacon, salad, mushrooms, roasted peppers and secret sauce! It is definitely worth trying slow-cooked buncek burger in a bun with stewed greens and horseradish-based sauce.

House specialties Home alone by Kužina are sliced domestic smoked sausage with baked potatoes, melted cheese, caramelized onions and crackling sprinkles and hot and crispy churros with additives such as cinnamon, sugar or Nutella. For real "hungry people" Costa's the house prepares homemade XXL pork sausage of 200 grams in soft pastry with sesame and various additives. Hot drinks are definitely worth trying here - hot ginger gin, hot aperol punch and hot Christmas chocolate!

If you're not in the mood for sausage

Fantastic plata with boiled buncek, sauerkraut, various toppings and hot crispy pastry attracts attention with its size, but also with its smell. And all this goes better with another fantastic innovation - Teranino punch with Korlat terranino, squeezed lime, apple juice and spices. All that, where else but on Fantastic houses!

Cottage To Žnidaršić offers a traditional specialty of our grandmothers - Grandma's potato. It's about crispy and juicy potato slices with bacon and onions, and you can also try another old-fashioned dish on a spoon for cold Advent days - beef stew served in bread.

Everyone who wants something sweet can go to Cute little house for the daily dose Fritters served with a rich chocolate sauce or with a refreshing fruit coulis for an extra dimension of taste. There are also germ dumplings, a traditional dish of Central Europe, filled with plum jam or chocolate and topped with vanilla sauce. That's not all, because the house WIP ima warm and soft waffles with chocolate and forest fruit sauce with whipped cream!

Creative photo points for memories that last

After enjoying the fine sausages, visitors can expect numerous photo points to remember another fantastic outing near the end of this year in 2023! Matoš & cats are the only event that evokes the warm atmosphere of the holidays, the old days of Zagreb's civic life, with its scenography and atmosphere.

Photo author: Karlo Pavlić


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