Weekend as made for swimming: Destinations throughout Croatia that offer real refreshment

It's official - summer has arrived, and with the arrival of summer always comes a question "Where to swim"? Many have already opened the wrinkle season, and if you haven’t already - the first (at least calendar) summer weekend is the right opportunity to do so. And no, you don’t have to travel to the coast to freshen up and have a good time - some of beach on the continent words for the most beautiful in Europe, and will provide you with weekend relaxation for the whole family. Let's start with the suggestions, and after you choose your favorite - the way under your feet and the direction of the beach!

Fun for the whole family: We go to one of the most beautiful river beaches in Europe

Slavonski Brod is known for its fortress, and it is adorned with one of the most beautiful river beaches. Along the promenade along the Sava, the popular boat quay, you will reach Poloj, where an incredible view awaits you.

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Generations of Brodians swam there. Children build towers in the sand, frolic in the shallows, when they get bored with their parents go for ice cream. Grill team or have fun on the bowling alley, recreational players play volleyball, football, basketball…

This beach on the Sava it is one of the most beautiful river beaches in Europe, judging by numerous reviews, and the beach on Poloj is equipped with numerous sports and entertainment facilities such as beach volleyball, table tennis, chess, football. A bicycle and hiking trail lead to the beach, and this place is a frequent choice as well for motorcycle encounters.

Refreshment awaits you in our metropolis as well

Lake Bundek has come a long way from the original gravel pit and wild beach to the now spacious landscaped park in New Zagreb, along the south bank of the river Save. The Great Lake becomes a beach in the summer, and the Little Lake is reserved only for animals, mostly birds. Unlike Lake Jarun, which is more sport-oriented, Bundek is a real kid family paradise. Children enjoy the equipped children’s playgrounds, and adults come here to grill. For lovers of activities there is a trail for cycling and rollerblading and they are all that is needed for a quality trip in nature.

In the eastern part of Bundek Park there are two volleyball and beach handball courts. Over the years, Bundek has become a favorite family recreation zone. 10 000 m² on which during the summer season the safety of bathers is taken care of by the rescue service and the medical service. It is monitored regularly during the bathing season water quality bathing. The entrance to the lake is adapted for people with disabilities built by a ramp that allows access to wheelchairs.

Teaching Institute for Public Health “Dr. Andrija Štampar ”also carried out the profiling of bathing waters this season and assessed that there is no presence of cyanobacteria or visible pollution of the beaches themselves - this summer you are bathing there carefree!

The well-kept and equipped city beaches of Poreč are waiting for you

City Poreč-Parenzo during May he arranged and equipped the city beaches to be ready to welcome guests. Poreč's beaches are perfect for a whole range of water sports - you can swim, snorkel, kayak, try SUP, windsurf or classic sailing, water skiing, jet skiing or simply lazing on the water. air mattress as the waves rock you.

The city's beaches have been tidied up for the season: worn-out equipment has been replaced, trees have been planted, entrances filled and cleaned, and access for people with reduced mobility has been arranged, paths and grass have been arranged - all to ensure a pleasant stay on the beach. Poreč coast.

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The coast of Porec and its islands is long 37 kilometers and on it you can choose between 21 beaches with the Blue Flag. The quality of the sea has been monitored continuously for 25 years, and in Poreč there are as many as 20% of all Blue Flags flying the Croatian coast.

Among the many, we single out The city beach below the Valamar Parentino Hotel which is a new city beach renovated in 2014. It is located in the northern part of Porec, and you can walk to it along a landscaped promenade that stretches at the foot of green pine trees. Indulge in the joys of the sea on the beach, lie down on the sun deck with pebbles and enjoy the idyllic panorama of the city of Porec. This beach has landscaped accesses to the sea, a ramp for the disabled, and is equipped with showers and umbrellas. Part of the beach is intended for pets. Refreshment from the summer temperatures can be found in the beach bar near the beach, which offers a variety of cocktails and drinks.

If you are interested in other beaches that adorn this millennial city, explore them ON THE LINK.

Bravely and patiently up the steep stairs to the romantic and world-famous beach

Pasjača beach is located in a small village Popovići in Konavle. It is a bit inaccessible and hidden from view - you can only reach it by going down long and very steep stairs cut into a rock that is at 250 meters above sea level. So, getting to the beach is real a kind of adventure, and when you arrive and feel the beauty it offers, you will not regret the steep descent and demanding ascent back.

Pasjača Beach was declared in 2019 the most beautiful beach in Europe at the choice of the portal European Best Destinations, and is often called one of the most romantic beaches. There is almost never a crowd there, and you are unlikely to catch a signal - therefore, this is an ideal place to worries go on off, and peace on on.

PS Since you will be there hard to find shade, don't forget to bring sunscreen and a head covering, and make sure you have food and water.

Interesting fact:

Considering how our mysterious and hidden beach Pasjača won in fierce competition with beaches from France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Turkey, this story is even more interesting. Namely, you would never guess how this pebble beach was actually created, whose images are spread on social media and cause the sighs of world tourists.

Pasjača beach was created during World War II when tunnels were dug in these villages and stones from the tunnel were thrown here under the cliffs. Who would have thought that thanks to the excavation of the tunnel, according to many, the most beautiful beach in the Adriatic, but also in Europe, will be created. Over time, the sea crushed these discarded stones and this beautiful beach was created.

Priceless peace and refreshment in Gorski kotar

When we combine fresh air, swimming in crystal clear waters and excellent gastronomy, we get an ideal summer destination away from the crowds and summer heat. Gorski Kotar is located near the coast, so this area is increasingly attractive to tourists who like to stay in the green heart of Croatia during the summer.

We suggest a weekend in the municipality of Fužine, where there are two beaches on Lake Bajer. Here you will also find a catering offer, chemical toilets. but also boat rental and SUP boards. Another beach is located on Lake Lepenica with a natural beach without additional facilities, ideal for enjoying nature without any distractions.

Google locations:

Here you will find an interesting tourist attraction the cowboy village of Roswell which is called the mountain wild west. You must not miss a visit Risnjak National Park whose paths leave no one indifferent, and for accommodation with pool and sauna we single out the Holiday House Edelweiss. An experienced guide who knows every corner of Gorski Kotar is our blogger Jelena Holenko which runs the most famous tourist agency in the Gorani region Lynx and Fox which offers walking tours for which you need to book in advance because the interest is always great.

If you are interested in the idea of ​​a vacation in green Croatia, read the detailed list of destinations for real enjoyment in Gorski Kotar HERE.

Cover photo: TZG Poreč

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