Relax in 3 days on Lošinj: Weekend of vitality on the island of vitality

It takes place on Lošinj from June 9 to 11 Lošinj weekend of vitality regarding Global Wellness Day which is celebrated worldwide on June 10. It is a special event whose aim is to emphasize the importance of a quality way of life - regular exercise, proper nutrition and internal health and balance of body and spirit with the slogan "One day can change your whole life!"

It's time to stay fresh Lošinj air first quality! Clean sea, mild climate, plant cover and distinctive island scents make visitors happier and healthier, and various programs in nature and in specialized institutions are offered on the island of vitality.

As part of the vitality weekend, guests and residents of the island are offered outdoor exercise programs, outdoor wellness, aromatherapy, forest therapy, yoga, diving for beginners, fragrant walks, numerous workshops, even treasure hunting and children's workshops for the youngest. Find the entire program with a detailed schedule and locations at link.

What to see and experience on Lošinj?

The Lošinj transversal, the trails of the Lošinj captains and the dolphin trail are just some of the 200 kilometers of landscaped promenades and hiking trails that are ideal for a healthy and active vacation. For the most active, there is also mountain Osoršćica with the highest peak Televrin at 588 meters.

The waters of the Lošinj archipelago are natural bottlenose dolphin habitat. Why not get to know them better? Participate in Lošinj programs Blue World Institute, learn more about these wonderful creatures and, most importantly, learn how to behave near them.

Rich cultural heritage

The rich cultural heritage has left its mark on the architecture, customs, stories and legends that can be best known by visiting the museums of Lošinj. The unavoidable location is certainly the most famous inhabitant of the island of Lošinj - Apoxyomenos, a masterpiece of Croatian and world cultural heritage, which is permanently located in contemporary Museum of Apoxyomenos.

Opposite Apoxyomena, an open-air museum is anchored - Lošinj camp Nerezinac which displays and interprets in an interesting and interactive way rich maritime tradition of Lošinj.

Photo: Mali Lošinj Tourist Board


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