What kind of season is waiting for us in 2022?

Croatia has relaxed the measures, ie the conditions for entering the country. What kind of season awaits us in 2022? As of Saturday, April 9, Croatia has announced the conditions and restrictions for entry from EU countries in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the data of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia, taking into account current trends and the epidemiological situation, as of April 9, 2022, persons coming from European Union countries do not need to have COVID digital certificates, PCR / BAT vaccination certificates or beforeboljenju. The obligation to wear masks in public places is also abolished. The obligation to present the COVID digital certificate still applies to travelers entering the Republic of Croatia from third countries, including EU citizens.

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Wearing masks in public places is no longer mandatory (the obligation to wear masks still applies in public places where health and social care is provided). Other restrictions are being eased, such as the opening hours of restaurants, bars and clubs, which will be unlimited from now on.

As a result, it will no longer be necessary to fill in the "Enter Croatia" form for travelers from European Union countries.

- From the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Croatia has paid great attention to the safety of our guests and citizens, and will continue to do so in the future. By abolishing the obligation to present COVID certificates when entering Croatia for citizens of the European Union, the travel process has been further facilitated for our guests. We wish all guests a welcome and a pleasant stay in Croatia, said the Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac.

- Croatia is one of the most popular foreign destinations in Slovakia. The abolition of the obligation to prove with a Covid passport or other evidence of contagion and the possibility of traveling only with an identity card or passport will significantly simplify the travel of Slovak tourists to Croatia and contribute to tourism growth and return to pre-pandemic trends, he added Dubravko Miholić, director of the Croatian Tourist Board Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Despite the easing of measures, I as a person who wrote optimistic forecasts all the time during the crown period, this time I will write an article purely realistic. A survey I did in my group Vacation in Croatia HOLIDAY IN CROATIA it is more or less related to our accommodation, or bolsaid for the type of accommodation - apartments.

We have average accommodation - apartments, a pleasant stay by the sea. In terms of equipment and price, they even meet the standards of other categories of apartment accommodation.

This research is conducted on the Slovak and Czech markets. Although the Minister of Tourism of Croatia presents a lot of expectations from the season boljim than it was in 2019, I don’t look at those expectations so optimistically.

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Slovakia and the Czech Republic were quite hard hit by the crown, heavier than Croatia. In fact, the restrictions on the crown in Croatia were quite favorable in relation to Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The war crisis in Ukraine is also making its own. Although people and society are divided in the same way as opinions about the crown, not to mention the topic of war. The Crown has made a really big mess in these countries. It is not worth discussing either the war or the situation in Ukraine. A country like Croatia knows its war, but opinions about Ukraine and Russia, as well as Slovakia or the Czech Republic, differ. Even here it happens that friends stop hanging out because they have completely different opinions on this topic. It’s literally childish and for two years I don’t understand what’s going on. Literally, it's like a failed joke in the style of "If a neighbor on Facebook blocks me and we meet out on the street tomorrow, will they see me?" Indeed, these two years are a real test for humanity.

In Slovakia, most people who have leasing, loans with average and below-average wages with today's inflation and rising prices of electricity, gas, fuel and food, are often facing an existential crisis. Therefore, they postpone the planning of vacations and will deal with them at the last minute, if they will keep their job, salary or if they will get vacation. Personally, we have always had a pre-season busier than other apartments at our location on the island of Vir.

But this time the pre-season is clearly lagging behind, not to mention the season. Our clients - guests are Slovaks and Czechs. Therefore, a comparison with other facilities and occupancy is not possible to make these indicators relevant, as others have guests within Europe and from other countries.

My clientele has been and will continue to be Slovakia and the Czech Republic… there I am and tourists, there is my traveling HOME.

I have no problem giving accommodation for free, my goal is not to earn money and renting is more for our child to communicate in Slovak and Czech in the summer, ie the language that is my daughter's second mother tongue, because she has dual citizenship since birth.

For my Slovaks, the time of the crown and life in fear of some kind of survival and strict regimes has done its thing. Unfortunately, current opinions are in the style of:

- Prices will rise until the season, maybe cheaper accommodation will help, it's just my subjective opinion, I didn't mean anything by that, just so much that people's living standards are falling.

Travel is almost completely free. People are moaning, but they are coming, as they always have come. It has always been and will always be expensive. They give on vacation. I don't think it's that bad, because they recently traveled en masse to exotic destinations (Dubai, Zanzibar, Maldives, etc.), but maybe it's a different clientele from Croatia. Clients who are currently booking can say that they have a black fund, or it sounds better to have some financial reserves, they are financially situated and do not have to turn one euro to think about buying one butter or just a spread - this is the opinion of one respondent

As one respondent wrote:

- I think the problem is somewhere else, not in you. Prices have risen sharply here, not only fuel but also energy, food services, everything, and our salaries are stagnating and everything costs a lot, so what we could put aside for years, for the holidays, we now spend. Another factor is the availability of cheap flights to popular holiday destinations, I notice that people travel even on extended weekends, because flights are cheap, and accommodation via airnb or booking can be canceled free of charge.

I want to believe, because my daughter and I have learned to live away from the city, from that mooving of guests, so I hope that the situation will change and that we will have enough guests.

Despite my desires, I dare not be an optimist. Even if it sounds chauvinistic… we don’t want another clientele. We have learned about Slovaks and Czechs and we prefer to wait bolI time. It's almost like in the movie "I'm sitting on a branch and I'm fine" I'M SITTING ON KONARA AND I'M GOOD.

And for those who don't know what it's all about… this film "I'm Sitting on a Branch and I'm Well" is primarily a film about unfulfilled post-war hope. Nada u bolji life that people carry at the same time as the rotten trauma that threatens to explode - like German mines forgotten in the ground.

About the hope that disappears after 1948, when Stalinism comes and with it other horrors. In Juraj Jakubisk's films, however, it is possible to have a historical story combined with fantastic motifs.

So we probably have no choice but to believe in the things that await us, that these upcoming things will only be good…

"I'm sitting on a branch and I'm fine" is a very strange film… I only realized in time the cynical war comedy of the fate of two people. The author Juraj Jakubisko had no idea that this film would become relevant today.

“Strength does not come from physical skills. It comes from an unreal will ”

author: Gandhi

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So we stick together the motto: believe in meetings, but you know what old Berousek said:

"Maybe we just came into the world"

For the pessimist, half-empty apartments will be waiting boli time, and the optimist will say that the half-full apartments will survive this period that we have in great anticipation ahead of us.

Therefore, the conclusion and summary of what I expect from the 2022 season is as follows:

Private renters have to invest their time and money in advertising themselves. What visibly bothers them, if they are employed elsewhere and renting is not their primary job, as employees have little time to advertise and book their apartments. If they do not have a new building or are not primarily by the sea and the beach, they also have a big drawback. Preference is given to hotels that the CNTB will take care of with its advertising and contracts with various travel agencies or tour operators where this is included in their budget. Luxury accommodation in resorts, hotels or apartments in new buildings will have an advantage regardless of the price. A small landlord with average accommodation a little further from the sea and the beach, will have filled his accommodation for guests for the season just as much as needed but not too much. Just a little reminder, I still write exclusively about guests from Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

So, in my opinion, the pre-season and post-season will be realistically weaker and the season will pass with skinned ears.

Whether it will be different will depend on you (GUESTS) ( because either you love Croatia and then you have nothing to change your mind about, or for financial reasons you are simply taking a break this year.

We will leave this to let everything go its course. It will be as it should be…

Until next reading Miriam

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Photos: Miriam Kelečić

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