Where to go for the weekend: 5 suggestions for wine routes, legends and good gastronomy

With the first rays of the sun and slightly higher temperatures - we immediately dream about a trip and drinking coffee with a view of enchanting landscapes. Suggestions for Valentine's Day they've additionally made us wish every weekend was Valentine's Day and share weekend travel suggestions with you.

Island of Hvar, source: Pixabay

Here are suggestions for five trips to destinations around Lijepa naše, get inspired and allow yourself a break - the weekend is just around the corner.

A walk through the relaxing Žumberak mountains, then bermet and cream cheese in Samobor

Looking for the ideal location that will overwhelm you with peace and remove all the stress of a busy work week? We suggest Žumberak mountains, a location created for an escape from the hectic everyday life and relaxation in pristine nature where everyone will find their place - whether you come only for relaxation and easy walks or you prefer an active vacation with sports and recreation.

Žumberak, photo: Josip Škof

For example, you can start your tour by visiting the Budinjak Eco-Center in the central part of Žumberak, from where you can step into the Budinjak Archaeological Park, while you will get to know the rich past of this area by walking along the educational Trail of Princes.

Attractive hiking trails surrounded by untouched nature

The path of Queen Bukva

The Žumberak mountains are perfect for walking thanks to attractive hiking trails. He is the most famous The path of the queen beech surrounded by untouched nature for 35 kilometers.

Slapnice Valley, Brisalo Waterfall, Žumberak, photo: Lucija Kirschenheuter

The beauty of the landscape is contributed by the valley of the river Slapnica and the protected landscape with attractions such as Vranje waterfall, waterfall Wiper, cave Masonry caves i Dragan's mill

Saint Gera

Surrounded by forests and mountain meadows of Kaštanica, right next to the border with Slavonia, Sveta Gera, with a height of 1178 meters, is the highest peak of Žumberačka gora and the whole of northwestern Croatia. Folk fairs and cattle fairs were once held there in the forest glade at the top, and today it is a well-known destination for mountaineers and pilgrims.

holy gera žumberak, weekend trips
Photo: Ivan Mijić - archive of JUPP Žumberak-Samoborsko gorje

Where to take a break?

What else after a long walk than a break with a good lunch? We suggest Žumberak trout, a widely known gastronomic specialty from clean mountain streams, and you will find them on the river Kupčina in the farm Ponds Vrabac. The forests of the Žumberački Mountains have recently proven to be the site of the black truffle, which occasionally enriches the offer of selected Zagreb restaurants.

Zagreb black truffle, weekend trips
Photo: Josip Škof / Zagreb County Tourist Board

Cream cheese that makes you wait in line and take it home as a souvenir - even if it's cold

If your previous ideas prompted you to plan a trip to the Žumberak Mountains, when you are already there, it would be a real shame to miss a visit to Samobor.

Samobor is home to the "queen of all cakes" - as they usually call it Samobor cream cheese which in 2021 became a protected cultural asset that has been prepared in Samobor since the 1920s. Who would resist a creamy treat that melts in your mouth?

Zagreb County Tourist Board
Kremšnita, source: Zagreb County Tourist Board

In addition to cream cheese, in Samobor you simply have to try bermet. It is a type of aromatized wine with the addition of wormwood, angelica, coriander, anise, sage, etc. Bermet has been associated with Samobor for centuries and is most often drunk as an aperitif, and is prepared in almost every family.  

In addition to enjoying gastronomy, in Samobor we suggest a visit to the Samobor Museum, a walk through the Old Town of Samobor and a tour of Grgos Caves.

Slavonia with rich historical stories and superb fish

Gourmet experiences, a circle, a song, fun and the vastness of the plains - this is Slavonia. If you are a little tired of the wine roads, they take you here fruit drop paths which come from plums, and the combination of plums and drops in Srijem and Slavonia means hedonism and enjoyment, and when you add the indispensable gastronomic offer to the drops, you get a winning combination for a royal trip to the east of Croatia.

weekend trips
Photo: Danijel Soldo, source: Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board

What is the oldest city in Europe hiding?

Vinkovci, in addition to being the oldest city in Europe, is also a city rich in history and cultural heritage. We suggest a walk along the Vinkovci Korza, which is decorated with motifs of Orion, the oldest Indo-European calendar found in Vinkovci on a ceramic vessel from the prehistoric Copper Age.

Church of St. Eusebius and Poliona, photo: Dražen Bota

///The other side of Vinkovci

While walking, you will notice a lamp that "burns in the middle of Vinkovci", a famous light that convincingly represents one of the most famous symbols of the city. You can continue your route with a visit to the Sopot archaeological park, where you will see the reconstruction of wicker houses from the time of the Sopot culture.

The Danube kingdom of wine and antiquities

An indispensable suggestion for a visit to Slavonia is a visit to Ilok, one of the most picturesque towns in this part of Europe and known as an Eno - gastronomic destination. This flattering title was confirmed by the Michelin recommendation for the restaurant of the "Danube" hotel, which is located on the very bank of the Danube, where we recommend the specialty - boneless fish.

boneless fish, a suggestion for the weekend
Photo: Archive Hotel Dunav Ilok

In Ilok you will see rare Ottoman monuments - turbe and hammam from the time of Suleiman the Magnificent, Odescalchi Castle, an old wine cellar from the 15th century, one of the largest and oldest in this part of Europe. After the tour, go down to the Danube promenade and enjoy the beauty of the river.

///Four stories from the Danube Kingdom of Wine and Antiquities

Ilok is calling "Danube Kingdom of Wine and Antiquities" therefore, enjoying a good drink is an indispensable part of the trip, so during your stay in Ilok, take the time to visit the wineries.

Ladanjsko imjane Principovac, weekend trips
Ladanjsko imanja Principovac, photo source: Iločki podrumi

PS It is said that Ilok is the city that has the most beautiful sunrises, and for such a scene it is worth shortening the dream. Who's for?

Bol on Brač: Active vacation along the paths that tell stories

Three in Bol on the island of Brač Bol hiking trails and three cycling paths will take you on a journey through local legends. Try to find Macič's treasure, discover the legends of the Dragon's Cave and feel the peace by walking through the footpath, the beginning of which is in an abandoned shepherd's village The bosom.

Two Bol cycling trails about 60 kilometers long (768 - Smell the intoxicating scents of Brač and 769 - Brač fairies from myths and legendsare the world's first Bike Storytelling trails and have their own stories that can be heard in three languages ​​- accompanying software - Croatian, English and German.

Cycling storytelling trails, a suggestion for the weekend
Photo: TZO Bol

Lunch suggestion: Whether it is prepared under the oven, on a spit or on a skewer, Brač lamb is a real specialty both in taste and method of preparation. Try it!

Let's continue on the path of good gastronomy and the sea: We are going to the millennial city of Poreč

Wine and prosciutto - are an ideal eno-gastronomic combination in Porec, and while you are there, try local specialties such as truffles, wild asparagus, fish and seafood. After enjoying, go to the city exploring by bike, in a race or hanging from a rock.

order, proposal for the weekend
Photo source: Tourist Board of the City of Poreč

///Take a walk with us through the old core of the thousand-year-old city of Poreč

Poreč in winter will delight you with its charms hidden from the hustle and bustle of noise and crowds: the cobbled streets of the old town where it is located Euphrasian Basilica which is the most valuable cultural monument in Porec, a fascinating landscape of promenades and lagoons that hide idyllic beaches and coves.

Finally, "Croatian St. Tropez"

Sometimes it is called the Croatian St. Tropez, and is the winner of many awards. One of them is a great prize from the readers of a respected magazine Condé Nast Traveler. Thanks to the votes, Hvar has arrived to the very top of the best islands in the world and took the title of the best island in Europe.

///Sretni otok: Hvar is an island with as many as 6 inscriptions on the UNESCO list

Hvar is an excellent destination to visit all year round, mainly because of the warm summers and mild winters, which is why it was on our list of top destinations in February as well. Although it is best known in the season when it hosts many parties, Hvar has something to offer in winter as well.

A panoramic view of the Hell Islands, a proposal for the weekend
Panoramic view of the Pakleni Islands, source: Tourist board of the town of Hvar

After an active tour of the city and the island, try Hvar's island specialties such as "Hvar Gregade" or "Pasticade", and "water down" a good lunch with the famous Hvar variety of wine - plavac small and large, bogdanuša and prč.

And what to say at the end? Choose the route you like best and go. A romantic weekend can be any, with serenity of spirit and the will to explore new customs that Lijepa Naša is full of. These landscapes always leave something to return to and never explore them to the end - it is this mystery that is their charm. What secrets do you want to reveal first?


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