What binds Krk and Niagara, and they are not mighty waterfalls?

Dalmatian Niagara. This is the name of the river Krk journalist Joško Čelar named as early as 1966. The two rivers connect and the fact that the first hydroelectric power plant on the Krka river put into operation on August 28, 1895., only two days after it started operating according to Nikola Tesla 's patents the world's first hydroelectric plant at Niagara Falls. That evening, the first long-distance transmission of alternating current in Croatia took place, a Sibenik became the first city in the world to receive alternating current for its plants.

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In the city, electricity was distributed through a distribution network of two switchyards and five transformer stations placed on the tops of buildings and on poles. According to the inscriptions in the local newspapers, the electric lighting is in Šibenik lit up around 20 p.m., and as it was predominantly placed in places where kerosene lanterns were located, almost all the city streets were illuminated. For the city of Šibenik, the introduction of electric lighting was financially very favorable because it is annual cost of 5000 forints was half the supply of state-of-the-art and most economical kerosene lighting.

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Except for public lighting, electricity produced in hydroelectric power plants Krka it soon began to be used to run mills, oil mills, a pasta factory, and over time other consumers joined in - theaters, cafes, hotels and the first households.

Krka hydroelectric power plant

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Krka hydroelectric power plant - part of the first closed power system

The first electric power system in the world for the production of alternating current with a complete closed system (production, transmission and distribution) consisted of hydroelectric power plants on the river Krka, an eleven-kilometer-long 3-kilovolt transmission line on wooden poles and a consumer of public city lighting in the city of Šibenik. The power plant was owned by Šupuk and Meichsneri The first authorized power plant in Dalmatia "Krka" (Šupuk e Meichsner - Prima concessionata centrale elettrica in Dalmazia "Krka").

Krka hydroelectric power plant
Photo source: Krka National Park

In 1913. the operation of the old hydroelectric power plant was suspended based on a contract between the company Ante Šupuk and son i SUFID (Anonymous company for the use of hydraulic forces in Dalmatia), and the 3,2 m³/s of water it used was made available to the nearby Hydroelectric Plant Jaruga owned by SUFID, which was put into operation in 1904. At the beginning of the First World War military authorities they dismantled the plants in the old hydroelectric power plant Krka and two copper guides to Šibenik for the use of materials for war purposes. After the dismantling of the plant, the building remained intact for a long time, and was demolished at the end of World War II. world war.

Source: Krka National Park


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