Wine & Walk by the sea: Hedonistic adventure in Novigrad


More than 500 wine lovers gathered at the fifth edition of the event "Wine & Walk by the sea", which superbly combines the wine and gastronomic offer of Novigrad and a recreational walk in nature.

Wine and Walk by the sea 2023
Photo: COI 2023

A ten kilometer long wine adventure it started in the morning in front of the magnificent Benedictine monastery in Dajla, and the path along the sea with a view of the beautiful Novigrad, in the first part, led numerous local and foreign visitors from Mareda, Kastania all the way to Karpinjan.

Along the way, on seven invigorating cells, the walkers were greeted by the offer of top and award-winning local winemakers: Veralda, Moreno Ivančić, Ghira, Demark, Degrassi, Leonardo Palčić and Pervino, as well as the gourmet offer of local restaurateurs who made sure that their delicacies provide complete eno-gastronomic pleasure. Seafood bruschetta, panini with roasted pork and truffle cream, pizzettes alla istriana, brodet with polenta, salsa spit and meat from Istrian sausages, mushroom kettle and apple strudel, delighted all visitors, and the specialties were prepared by Poluotok, Konoba Nino, La Taverna , Near Marica, Half 8, The last obstacle, that is, a group of enthusiasts from Novigrad and the Aminess Maestral hotel.

Photo: COI 2023

This unique one a walk by the sea with a glass of wine in hand, also enhanced the entertainment and music program that welcomed the walkers at various points, and everyone was delighted by the creative art workshop in which colors prepared with soil from the vineyard were used.

Wine and Walk by the sea 2023
Photo: COI 2023

The final part of the track continued in the hinterland of Novigrad passing through beautiful vineyards and olive groves back to the monastery in Dajla, where the walkers concluded their wine adventure. In this unique and suggestive location, in front of the monastery, which with its beauty and turbulent history attracts many visitors throughout the year, an after party was held, which was hosted by Mister G DJ and musician and singer-songwriter Goran Griff, who warmed up the already great atmosphere with a sensational performance.

Photos: COI 2023.


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