Winter idyll one step away from Zagreb

In winter, the surroundings of Zagreb do not offer ostentatious attractions such as famous alpine ski resorts or distant exotic resorts, but it does not lack a warm winter atmosphere and a sincere welcome.

Which direction to go, each visitor will choose for themselves. One road leads out, under the clear sky, along marked, more or less paved forest and hiking trails. Untouched hills and valleys dreamy lures walkers to enjoy the winter idyll, and the rush of fresh air and healthy November removes any thought of stress.

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Natural beauties such as waterfalls in Žumberak, lakes along the Sava River or an oak grove in Turopolje show a completely different face in winter - the environment seems a bit bare, quieter, certainly less colorful, but in these more modest conditions, nature therapy seems to strike faster and work harder. And when everything whitewashed snow cover, the invitation to enjoy the joys of winter is hard to resist. With a little effort, everyone can find their secret toboggan run, snow playground or just the perfect backdrop to admire the fairytale winter landscape.

In addition to the embrace of nature and indigenous gastronomic experiences, there is a third path, which leads to tame towns around Zagreb, the hubs of life of their micro-regions. The lighter winter rhythm leaves enough time to tour everything we may have missed during the previous, busier months. Introduction local landmarks, historical monuments and original customs it is a combination of pleasant and useful, the point of every good trip, a way to complete another year with dignity. The festive atmosphere, and especially the Advent celebration in small places within the Zagreb Green Ring, emphasizes the original values, which are sometimes lost in larger areas - human warmth, connection and nurturing heritage. Communities that still proudly preserve the local character are more willing to warmly welcome their guests and leave an unforgettable impression in their hearts.

The winter call of nature

A winter day spent in the air, regardless of the type of recreation, can become an even more enjoyable experience if combined with a visit to one of the rural households surrounded by idyllic nature. It is also a kind of continuation of socializing with the environment, because tasting natural, seasonal products in an authentic environment completes the trip. And in the best way - by supporting the local community and sustainable development.

Each of the micro-regions of the Zagreb County offers a handful of arranged and marked walking paths, of different levels of difficulty and relief characteristics. The most attractive for mountaineers is the Žumberak Nature Park - Samoborsko gorje, where you can climb the peaks Japetić, Oštrc, Okić, Veliki Lovnik and Sv. Geru, and Plešivica is nearby.

We have selected for you ten ideal promenades in the vicinity of Zagreb

At the end of the road there will always be a mountain lodge or inn where you can warm up with tea, mulled wine and homemade food. There is no shortage of educational and hiking trails in simpler terrain, often forested. There are svetonedeljski bregi, Vukomeričke gorice, reserve Sava-Strmec, Varoški lug, Turopoljski lug, trails Marča and Žutica in Moslavina, Zelinska gora… And many other beautiful, preserved places waiting to be discovered. The flora and fauna in them are largely quiet in winter, but offer more serenity, as well as the opportunity to observe natural changes.

Photos: Davor Đopar, Source: Zagreb County Tourist Board

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