No man's land: 8 islands you can claim as your own

No man's land - there are rare areas on Planet Earth that fall into this category. We've found 8 unclaimed locations that you can claim as your own

And now something completely different: You MUST NOT visit these 5 islands!

Forbidden islands - some of the islands are unexplored and some are uninhabited, and all of them have in common a strict prohibition to set foot on them

Bora Bora "on a budget"? It's possible!

The pearl of French Polynesia is certainly Bora Bora, one of the world's most popular tourist destinations and a true tropical paradise. The island was first inhabited by Polynesians in the 4th century. After the discovery, in 1777 James...

The colorful interactive Balloon Museum is hosted next door

After charming people in Paris and Rome, and experiencing the presentation in the 3rd season of the popular Netflix series "Emily in Paris", a colorful interactive exhibition...

Wellness around the world – five wacky exercises as inspiration for an active holiday

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Saar-Hunsrück is the most famous European hiking trail with an incredible 410 kilometers. This trail is located in Germany but it is unexpectedly wild and gives a feeling of incredible ...

Throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain really brings good luck

Throwing a coin into the fountain and making a wish is an old custom, and one of the most famous fountains into which people love to throw coins is located in...

Four destinations for perfect skiing

The ski season has started and many travelers want to go down the ski slopes this year. Because according to an independent survey by the global platform, 56% of travelers...

The power of photography: The reflection of the eagle from 2019 continues to fascinate like the most famous photo from Rovinj

Steve Biro had a photo of the eagle and his reflection in his mind before he went out on the field that day to take pictures

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