Do you know where the largest tumulus in Europe, the fossil volcano and the oldest spa are?

Varaždin County is the end of preserved nature and rich cultural heritage that will delight every visitor with diversity and offer him an unforgettable experience. One of the smallest counties in Croatia is truly unique because it hides many interesting things that can only be found here.

The only fossil volcano in Croatia

Arriving in Lepoglava, you can see the only preserved fossil volcano formed about 22 million years ago, and also the only known site of semi-precious agate stone in Croatia. Learn more about the geological origin of the earth and get acquainted with the valuable mineral treasures of this area.

The largest tumulus in Europe

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Tumul Gomila in Jalžabet, with its 75 meters wide and 8 meters high, is one of the largest prehistoric tombs in Central Europe. It dates from the Early Iron Age (6th or 7th century BC), and archaeologists believe that a rich prince was buried in that tomb.

The oldest thermal spa in Croatia

Varaždinske Toplice is the oldest thermal spa in Croatia with a thousand-year tradition of using healing thermo-mineral water. The Iasi, an ancient Pannonian tribe, still used the benefits of this tame and rich region, and the Romans built a health resort around the spring and named the city around it Aquae Iasae. 

Fossil remains of a woolly rhinoceros

Near Ludbreg, in 1982, fossil remains of an extinct rhinoceros species were found - an ice age woolly rhinoceros, estimated to be around 20.000 years old. That's itbolis preserved and the only one of its kind , find found in Croatia, whose exhibition can be seen until the end of this year in the Herzer Palace in Varaždin.

The longest sarma

Dedicated to cabbage, an autochthonous product of the Vidovec region that has been grown in that region since ancient times, every year in September a traditional event is held in Vidovac - Zeljarijada. Apart from the folklore festival, entertainment and cultural events, Zeljarijada is unimaginable without sarma. And it is actually the longest sarma in the world that breaks its own Guinness record every year. The last sarma was as much as 1480 meters long.

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