Do you like cats? Then you will adore Vrsar!

Vrsar, a picturesque fishing and tourist town with a long and rich history, is a place that possesses a unique, peaceful beauty. It is a favorite destination for those who are defeated for peace, relaxation and beautiful landscapes, as well as for those looking for excitement on the many cycling and hiking trails nearby. The possibilities are numerous and varied - from paragliding and panoramic flights by sport planes, diving and trekking, to enjoying cultural sights such as Dušan Đamonja Sculpture Park, to immersion in the rich history of the city and its surroundings that goes far back in time. Vrsar abounds in stories about dinosaurs, the seducer Casanova and the hermit saints, as well as the beautiful untouched nature that flourishes in the grace of the mild Mediterranean climate.

Opposite the city is an archipelago of 18 uninhabited islands, which, combined with 220 berths in the marina, makes this area a paradise for sailors. Marina Vrsar is located near the city, so it offers its guests all the many attractions and events in the city.

But the Vrsar marina is special in another way - it is home to a large number of wild cats. These marine cats are through a joint initiative of the city of Vrsar, the marina Vrsar and the association Betterlife4cats Marina Vrsar from Austria made one of the most beautiful feeding grounds in Croatia which has become a real tourist attraction.

In order for the cats that live there to be better taken care of, beautifully designed houses have been set up in the marina, which provide them with shelter from rain and cold, so they do not have to sleep on boats, and also serve as a feeding station. This also ensures their safety because they are not fed in places that are not intended for it. The initiative for a better life of cats in Marina Vrsar also made sure that the free-living cats that live there were neutered, vaccinated and examined by a veterinarian.

This super-cool feeding ground is an example of an excellent idea that benefits both two-legged and four-legged residents of the town, and depicts the spirit of beautiful Vrsar to visitors in the most beautiful way possible.

Photo: TZ Vrsar and Mirsad Mujkanović, Cover photo: Igor Zirojević, source:


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