Županja: Five attractions of the city along the Sava

Did you know that football and tennis were played in Županja for the first time in Croatia?

If you have already visited Vukovar and Vinkovci, Županja will give you a completely different experience and discover the ambience of unique rural architecture. Here you will find out that "ushoranje" means merging the smaller surrounding hamlets into a single whole.

We have singled out five attractions of this tame city along the Sava that you should definitely discover.

Homeland muse Stjepan Gruber

The Stjepan Gruber Homeland Museum, named after a professor of geography, is housed in the 19th-century border loggia, the only preserved example of military architecture in Croatia.

The first soccer ball

The monument to the first soccer ball in Croatia in the center of the city is a recognizable symbol of Županja.

In 1979, the first soccer ball was found in a typical border house about two centuries old in Vladimira Nazora Street number five in Županja. It was made of genuine leather with flaps, one of which was missing.

After finding the first soccer ball, it was sent for age assessment to the Technology Center in Karlovac, where it was determined that the skin from which the ball was made is between 90 and 110 years old. The ball was then sent for expertise to England, where it was confirmed that it was a ball dating from that time.

The road of the golden thread

The road of the golden thread offers forgotten customs, traditional eno-gastronomic offer, top handicrafts and socializing with hospitable hosts on family farms.

The Golden Thread Road is a unique tourist attraction. It combines history, cultural heritage and many traditional values, a wealth of natural features and gastronomy. If you want to get away from everyday life in the city, breathe with full lungs, see the beauty of nature, taste Slavonian plum brandy and enjoy selected local specialties and then get a good night's sleep - be sure to take the Golden Thread Road.

Gallery Veliki kraj

Gallery "Veliki kraj" is located in a traditional shocking house in the city center and brings together many lovers of fine arts and culture. The gallery has hosted many generations of folk writers and writers and has made a great contribution to enriching the cultural life of the city on the Sava.

County resources

The Županjski virovi picnic area will delight nature lovers, while the Hunting House will delight gourmets and lovers of hunting and fishing.

These are the well-known pedunculate oak forests in the European famous Spačva basin. Forests are interwoven with watercourses Bosuta, Spačva, Virova, Lubnja and Studva.

In the water of Virovo there are fish of lowland waters - carp, tench, pike, catfish, crucian carp, sun carp, whitefish, perch - bandar - bulješ - okan or perch, bream, yellow-eyed, cedar and chicory. Among the birds, the white stork, black stork, white heron, black coot, gray heron, wild duck, fisherman's eagle, wood pigeon and bald eagle stand out - a large fish eagle that is very rare and is threatened with extinction. From mammals, otters live in the water, and foxes, wild boars, roe deer and deer come to drink. In the immediate vicinity of Vir, there is the managed Pedestrian Oak Reserve Lodge.

Cover photo: TZ Županja


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